Electric Truck in Trial Operation

Fabian Klasen
September 2023

Currently, an electric truck is in trial operation at the Rheinhafen of Stadtwerke Andernach.

For years, we have been working closely with Jungbluth Nutzfahrzeuge, Petra Risser Transporte, and Stadtwerke Andernach on various logistical projects. After intensive preparations, we recently began the testing phase for a further step towards sustainable container transport.

In this context, an electric semi-truck is being tested for its suitability in terms of the “pre- and post-haulage” of the container terminal in Andernach.

The rapid development in electromobility is shaping the transport industry. All the companies involved share the goal of promoting eco-friendly alternatives and reducing emissions. Therefore, we intend to integrate alternative drive technologies more intensively into the processes at the logistics hub Rheinhafen Andernach.

The tests are conducted in collaboration with Volvo Trucks, a pioneer in the field of electric commercial vehicles. The test vehicle is provided by Jungbluth Nutzfahrzeuge, a renowned dealer for Volvo Trucks. Our expertise at Haeger & Schmidt Logistics lies in efficient transport processes. Petra Risser Transporte, as an experienced forwarding company and partner in container transport, brings their expertise in regional freight transport. Stadtwerke Andernach is responsible for the charging infrastructure and the provision of social spaces for the truck drivers.

With this test, we aim to assess the efficiency of electric semi-trucks under real conditions and gain insights into range, charging times, and infrastructure requirements. Our goal is to optimize the use of such vehicles in local transport and pave the way for a greener future in goods transportation.

We all firmly believe that the success of this initiative will lay the foundation for future collaborations and innovations.