Own push barge unit for the fleet

Fabian Klasen
May 2023

Haeger & Schmidt Logistics (HSL) continues to expand its intermodal shipping fleet. After the logistics service provider chartered three inland container vessels on a long-term basis from the Dutch shipping company Delfia Inland Shipping at the beginning of the year, the company is now investing for the first time in its own coupled vessel. In future, this will be deployed under the name THEMHOF/THEMHOF II in the Middle and Upper Rhine traffic in the intermodal network.

“With this decision, we are consciously taking a further step towards having our own fleet,” explains Heiko Brückner. The HSL CEO knows the coupled transport system well. The modern ship and its lighter have already operated for years under contract for HSL in the Upper Rhine traffic under the name NORMA/NORMA II. In total, the coupled vessel has a length of 179 m and a capacity of 336 TEU.

With the purchase of the ship, HSL’s future is secured for the long term. “Especially in times of scarce shipping space and volatile markets, we are making ourselves a bit more independent of the market by building up our own capacities,” clarifies Brückner and sends a clear signal to the shipping community, “we want to provide our customers with secure and permanent transport capacities, especially in view of the volatile framework conditions, and thus make a contribution to supply chain stability.”

The THEMHOF is currently being equipped with artificial intelligence from HSL partner Shipping Technology. “In addition to the smart use of ship data and the optimisation of routes, we are laying the foundation for the future semi-autonomous driving of inland vessels,” Brückner explains.

Derzeit wird die THEMHOF mit der künstlichen Intelligenz des HSL-Partners Shipping Technology ausgerüstet. „Neben der smarten Nutzung von Schiffsdaten und der Optimierung von Routen legen wir hier die Basis für das zukünftige teilautonome Fahren von Binnenschiffen“, ordnet Brückner ein.

The trade lane of the THEMHOF joint venture with a capacity of 336 TEU is the Middle and Upper Rhine.

Since 2016, the push barge has been equipped with the remote monitoring system “CTAS Reefer”, which was specially developed for reefer containers. The solution, which is successfully used in large container terminals worldwide, is used for the fully automatic real-time monitoring of reefer containers, regardless of type and manufacturer.

Technical data

The motor vessel THEMHOF
Tonnage 3,247.215 m³
Dimensions: length 106.85 m x width 11.45 m x draught 3.60 m
Capacity: 192 TEU

The lighter THEMHOF II
Tonnage 2,256.199 m³
Dimensions: Length 72.50 m x Width 11.45 m x Draught 3.60 m
Capacity: 144 TEU