At the beginning of November, the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for the new building project of Haeger & Schmidt Logistics GmbH (HSL) took place on the “ Stahlinsel “ in Duisburg port. A new state-of-the-art warehouse is being built at the Nordhafen site. A new office and social building will be constructed on the additionally leased part of the terminal. The new buildings should be ready for occupancy during the 2nd half of 2021.

On November 3, Heiko Brückner and Per Nyström, Managing Directors of Haeger & Schmidt Logistics GmbH (HSL), Björn Becker (General Manager Division Port Logistics), Markus Bangen, Member of the Executive Board of Duisburger Hafen AG and Matthias Palapys, Managing Director of duisport consult GmbH (dpc) met under corona-conform conditions for the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony.
« Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic does not permit a ground-breaking ceremony, but we are nevertheless starting construction work », said Per Nyström.

With the expansion of the “ Stahlinsel “ into a multifunctional hub in Duisburg, HSL is ensuring growth and safeguard its complex, highly qualified services. By extending the site by 7,200 square meters, which will be used, among other things, for a new truck yard, the total area of the “Stahlinsel “ has been increased to 58,000 square meters. Part of the open storage and handling areas will now be used for the construction of a new 9,000 sqm temperature controlled hall measuring 210 × 45 m, the hook height in the new hall will be 9 m and a 40 t crane will be in operation. The hall is equipped with 2 tracks of 210 m each, ( for a complete trein ). There is a weather-protected connection to the existing hall to ensure trimodality also in the new hall. The storage capacity in the new hall will then be 60,000 T . It is temperature-controlled by underfloor heating using an innovative, resource-saving method. The hall will also have a truck low-bay to enable fast transshipment and rapid stuffing and stripping of general cargo containers. A self-handling counter for trucks is to be built at the administration building being constructed at the same time. The new administration building with 420 square meters of floor space will contain social rooms for the industrial employees, waiting rooms for truck drivers and offices for 12 additional employees. After completion, the entire terminal will be connected to the Vohwinkelstraße, which is still under reconstruction, and will thus be optimally accessible.
« Changing customer requirements and the expansion of our current storage capacities were the decisive factors for this further investment at the Duisburg location. An additional aspect for us is that the new building will enable us to offer trimodal solutions in the region around Duisburg. Planning and construction are in the proven hands of duisport, completion is scheduled for 2021 », said Heiko Brückner, « this is one of the largest investments since Haeger & Schmidt was founded.

HSL commissioned duisport consult GmbH, a subsidiary of Duisburger Hafen AG, to plan and implement the project. « After long consultations and a wide range of designs we were finally able to develop a future-oriented concept with our customer HSL for this hall which is specially designed for trimodal storage logistics of high-quality steel products. We are pleased that Haeger & Schmidt has once again placed its trust in us to support them not only in the planning but also in the turnkey construction of the real estate, » said Prof. Thomas Schlipköther, Chairman of the Management Board of dpc and colleague of Markus Bangen at duisport.


(f.l.t.r) Björn Becker/General Manager HSL-Division Port Logistics, Per Nyström/CFO HSL, Heiko Brückner/CEO HSL, Markus Bangen/Vorstand der Duisburger Hafen AG), Matthias Palapys/Geschäftsführer duisport consult GmbH (dpc)