The Rhine port of Andernach is an active international hub and a competent logistics partner. With its KLV terminal “CSA Andernach” it is one of the most important transshipment centres on the Middle Rhine. Every year, they handle approx. 1,000 tons of heavy goods, 2,000,000 tons of bulk goods, 175,000 tons of general cargo as well as 150,000 TEU containers, according to Lars Hörnig, commercial director of Stadtwerke Andernach GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the city of Andernach, looking after the interests of the Rhine port.

Trimodal means that goods can be hauled using several modes of transport. The Andernach rail infrastructure allows for transportation by train, by ship and by trucks using the motorway connection (A61, A48 and B9). A frequent direct train connection to the seaport of Antwerp as well as container liner services by inland waterway to the ARA seaports make Andernach an internationally operating hub. Rapid transshipment from rail to truck or ship and vice versa keeps the pre- and post-transport by road as short as possible. The range of services offered by the port has also been reinforced for years by competent partners in Containerservice Andernach (CSA):

The Haeger & Schmidt Logistics group of companies provides a comprehensive logistics portfolio with great expertise in the fields of inland Navigation, intermodal services and port logistics as well as short sea shipping & forwarding.

Schreiber Logistik is the third building block of CSA Andernach through its covered hall area and its extensive experience in the areas of transshipment, forwarding and warehousing. They have been a certified service provider in the field of container stuffing and stripping since 2001, putting many years of experience and flexible working hours into the partnership. Thanks to its trimodal connections and its strategically favourable location, the port of Andernach can offer its customers tailormade logistics solutions.

In addition to logistical transport solutions, the Port of Andernach also offers hall and open spaces as well as inexpensive commercial space that can be rented or leased directly on the port site. Thanks to the storage areas with storage boxes and tall silos, some of which are offered free of flooding, the port of Andernach is considered a safe storage and transshipment location, especially for high-value or moisture-sensitive goods. Furthermore, just-in-time solutions can be implemented without any problems.

Many surrounding companies have been using the port’s professional services as a fixed component of their overall logistics strategy for decades, leading to intensive and mutually beneficial partnerships with the customers.

With the “Think Trimodal” approach, the logistics trio, formed by the port of Andernach, the Haeger & Schmidt Logistics group and Schreiber Logistik is greatly enhancing the port’s entire range of services.