Roughly 90% of all German spruce trees are exported to China, where they are mainly used in the furniture and construction industries. Effective and intelligent logistic solutions are key in keeping up with this ever-growing business. One small creature however could throw a spanner in the works… the bark beetle! In recent years German spruce trees have been heavily suffering under the extremely hot and dry weather. These unprecedented climatic conditions have led to a widespread manifestation of bark beetles, resulting in the death of entire spruce forests. Forest fires also contribute to this dramatic situation. Nearly 300.000 hectares of forest have already disappeared by these causes since 2018!

To slow down further spread of the beetle, the trees must be cut down quickly and removed from the forest. More than ever before, logistics play a major role in this process

HSL is proud to make an important contribution to the complex logistics chain with their container pre-carriage whereby the loading of the containers takes place in the forests and transportation is secured by local HSL trucks. This allows the forestry companies to work faster and stay ahead of the bark beatle, thus preserving the interests of the important German timber industry.

Depending on the condition of the wood, up to 35 logs can be loaded in one single container. HSL also takes care of the inland water transport to the ARA ports. Currently, about 2,000 wood log containers per month are moved within the HSL network, ready to be shipped worldwide.